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Implementation Science

Implementation Science

Implementation Science

PIVOT uses pioneering data systems to evaluate and improve our programs. Our Monitoring & Evaluation team tracks almost 900 program indicators and our longitudinal study of 1,520 households (~8,000 individuals) in our district shows us the impacts of these programs on healthcare outcomes over time.

Featured Projects:

Universal Health Coverage

Our research on universal coverage showed that removing financial barriers to care in PIVOT’s catchment area cost just $0.68* per patient at health centers and $26* per patient at the hospital. Read more about this work, published in Health Affairs.




Longitudinal Cohort Study

Completed in partnership with Harvard Medical School and the Madagascar Institute for Statistics, the second round of our longitudinal cohort study of a representative sample of over ~8,000 individuals was completed in 2016. The population-level impacts include some of the most statistically rigorous and independently verified evidence of changes in health care access and mortality rates within a government district.

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