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Our Mission

In partnership with communities in resource-poor areas, PIVOT combines accessible and comprehensive health care services with rigorous scientific research to save lives and break cycles of poverty and disease.

Our Approach

PIVOT’s mission, based on a fundamental belief in the worth of all people and a moral responsibility to address the needs of the destitute, is to create a model system of universal access to quality health care for Madagascar via comprehensive health system strengthening in Ifanadiana District.

We measure our impact, evaluate our progress, and tailor our efforts in alignment with the three core components of our integrated approach:

  1. DELIVER HEALTH CARE FOR THE INDIVIDUAL. We believe that health care is a human right, and that means we do whatever it takes to treat the sick and suffering in front of us.
  1. BUILD SYSTEMS FOR THE POPULATION. We work in partnership with government and local communities to build sustainable, effective health systems for entire populations.
  1. INNOVATE SCIENCE FOR THE WORLD. We use science and data to inform our programs, scale our model, and innovate solutions to the pressing global challenges of poverty and disease.



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