Announcements December 14, 2017

2017: Year In Review

As 2017 comes to a close, the PIVOT team reflects with gratitude on all we were able to achieve thanks to our dedicated staff, partners, and community of supporters. Over the past year, we provided an expanding range of quality health care for the Ifanadiana District population, and made significant strides toward our goal of creating a model health district by 2022.

2017 highlights:

  • Our community health program expanded from 2 to 5 communes. With 120 Community Health Workers trained and supervised by PIVOT, we are now bringing care to over 75,000 people.

  • We expanded to a fifth health center, bringing it to “model” standards with major enhancements to staffing, facilities and equipment, medicines and supplies, and clinical programs.

  • Major upgrades to the district hospital were completed, including the inauguration of a ward to house the new inpatient acute malnutrition program, as well as the implementation of a tuberculosis / infectious disease program with the construction of a new isolation unit.

  • We expanded and strengthened our district referral system with the addition of new ambulances, equipment, and personnel.

  • We strengthened our Monitoring & Evaluation reporting systems, enabling us to better track our progress. We are also in the process of reconstructing our database management system.

  • We managed the plague crisis in Ifanadiana District, with only 1 fatality from among 30 suspected cases, demonstrating that such epidemics can be controlled, and prevented in the future. We also supported the government’s national response by deploying an ambulance and accompanying staff to the capital of Antananarivo, where the nation saw the highest occurrence of cases.

All of this has contributed to significant improvements to the health of the population, which we have been able to observe through our rigorous data collection and analysis. Major highlights include:

  • 36% drop in neonatal mortality
  • 19% drop in under-five mortality
  • 20% drop in maternal mortality
  • Quadrupled utilization rate at health facilities
  • Doubled rate of pregnant women delivering in health facilities

The above represents an overall reduction of unnecessary suffering in PIVOT’s catchment area, and countless lives saved from treatable diseases. Today we’re deeply grateful for all we have been able to do with the generous support of our community. Thank you for standing in solidarity with us as we move into 2018.