Announcements January 22, 2019

5 Intentions to Celebrate 5 Years

As you have likely noticed by now, it’s 2019! We are thrilled to set out on another year of delivering quality care to those who need it most in Madagascar.

What you may not know, however, is that this year brings an extra special milestone for PIVOT: this month, we celebrate 5 years since we began to transform the health system in Ifanadiana District, Madagascar. In early 2014, with a bare-bones office and a small, dedicated team, we sought to build an organization from the ground up, and started working closely with our Ministry of Health partners to improve the local health system.

To commemorate this moment in our young history, we look to the future by setting out 5 intentions for our next trip around the sun:

Because 5 million children lose their lives each year to preventable illness worldwide, we are determined to guarantee basic primary care to every last patient, without exceptions. Though simple problems sometimes require complex solutions, we refuse to accept needless death and suffering in the 21st century. We are committed to closing the “know-do” gap and to serve patients in need by whatever means necessary.

Because a person’s access to health care should not be determined by where they are born, we are increasing our efforts to train and supervise Community Health Workers in the most difficult-to-reach communities. We are partnering with them to expand our services by improving infrastructure, reporting, referrals, and supply chain from the furthest villages up through all levels of the health system. As members of the Community Health Impact Coalition, we have joined some of the best community health organizations in the world to build an evidence base for lasting policy change.

Because we believe health is a fundamental human right, we will make every effort to remove financial barriers to care throughout Ifanadiana District, Madagascar. In five years, we have seen enormous growth in the rate at which patients access care when fees are removed. We believe no person or family should have to suffer due to prohibitive costs of essential treatments, so we’ll continue to work to achieve Universal Health Coverage knowing that good health can be the key to stabilizing a family’s economic wellbeing.

Because we can’t improve services without information, we are launching an integrated suite of enhanced analytics and real-time data dashboards to increase visibility into our programs’ impact. As we explore new ways to use our high-quality data to improve care, we will continue holding ourselves accountable by sharing data with you, our supporters, and by disseminating actionable knowledge to our peers, collaborators, and the government of Madagascar.

Because effecting sustainable health system change would be impossible without a strong relationship with Madagascar’s government, we look forward to our next chapter of work with the Ministry of Health from the local to the national level. Over the past five years, we’ve had the privilege of becoming what central Ministry officials describe as a “model of partnership” for the country, and we’re eager for all that our ongoing partnership will contribute to the future of health in Madagascar.

Since day one, the patients we serve have remained PIVOT’s central priority. After five years of challenging work that has resulted in tremendous improvements to population health, we know much remains to be done to best serve those in need while ensuring the health system is effective, resilient, and scalable. Our team is united in its excitement about the progress we plan to make over the next year, as well as what the next five years have in store.

We are deeply grateful for your continued partnership on this journey – stay tuned!