Announcements June 12, 2020

A Message of Solidarity from the PIVOT Team

 Today marks two weeks since George Floyd’s murder. His death – along with that of countless other Black men, women, and children – occurred because the US is riddled with racial inequality, discrimination, and trauma that occurs regularly and systemically to Black and Brown communities.

Not all lives are treated equally.

As PIVOT board member Paul Farmer has said, “the idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.”

Only by removing our country’s pervasive structural inequalities can we hope to ensure that every Black life is truly regarded as equal.

It is the time for everyone to intensify the fight for justice and equality.

We at PIVOT are examining our own actions as an organization to exemplify a more inclusive and just world – here in the US, in Madagascar, and globally.

In Solidarity,
The PIVOT Team

P.S. As a start, we invite you to watch this clip or read the transcript from a segment of our June 3rd virtual panel session, in which Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alishya Mayfield begins to connect the dots between the global health inequities that PIVOT exists to address in Madagascar and the systemic racial oppression we’re called upon to help dismantle in the United States.