Announcements July 30, 2016

Community Team Donates Furniture to Community Health Sites

Part of the PIVOT community health program includes helping each fokontany (village) in Ifanadiana District to build a community health site. These sites are recommended by the Malagasy government as part of their community health program. They belong to the communes, and serve as a location for community health workers (CHWs) to evaluate and treat patients.

Community health sites in Ifanadiana District are typically unfurnished one-room wooden structures staffed by two or three CHWs. As a result of PIVOT’s infrastructure initiatives, some of these sites have tin roofs and/or an additional room for storage of supplies and medications, but most remain without tables or chairs. This past July, the PIVOT community team donated furniture to the health sites of five fokontany in Ifanadiana District. Each site received one very large armoire, one long table, a bench, and three chairs to increase storage as well as comfort for both CHWs and visiting patients.

Being that none of these fokontany are accessible by automobile, the furniture had to be transported by hand over rivers and on narrow trails. At each health site, the furniture was presented to the president or king of the fokontany by PIVOT’s community health supervisor Marco Ravelonanosy. The furniture was gratefully accepted by each community.

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