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The latest on our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts communities around the world, people living in countries that lack strong health systems and supply chains are particularly vulnerable. Our response to the epidemic rests upon our ongoing, unchanged strategy of health systems strengthening and universal health coverage. We are working closely with the Ministry of Health at the national level to curtail the pandemic’s spread, and at the district level to coordinate an organized response for case identification, containment, and mitigation contingencies. We are implementing infection control and prevention measures, placing procurement orders for necessary materials, and working with partners such as the Community Health Impact Coalition to develop and implement protocols and training plans for this new scope of work. Our research and monitoring & evaluation teams are leveraging our extensive data analytics capabilities, developing mathematical models of COVID-19 to predict morbidity, mortality, and healthcare workload, and to simulate the impact of a range of interventions and assess which are the best strategies to minimize transmission.


On the ground in Madagascar, our team is producing weekly updates in French on the state of the outbreak in Madagascar. These are shared internally and externally, to help keep our 200-person staff aligned and the Malagasy communities we serve well-informed.


We’ve recently launched a live virtual panel series called “Voices From The Field” that all are invited to join at 12pm EST on Wednesdays. Each session features a panel of experts comprised of our leaders and frontline responders, who come together live to discuss and answer questions surrounding the latest issues related to the pandemic as well as our regular clinical programs.

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As we continue monitor the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought we’d take a few weeks to focus on good-news updates about our ongoing clinical activities at all levels of care. (We will also share an update on COVID-19 in Madagascar, and – depending on how the situation has evolved to date – may lend more time to discussing the status of the pandemic and how our teams are responding.)

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