Announcements March 10, 2017

Cyclone Enawo Affects Hundreds in Ifanadiana District

On Tuesday March 7, Cyclone Enawo made landfall from the Indian Ocean to northeastern Madagascar bringing heavy rains and winds the speed of a Category 4 hurricane. PIVOT responded on multiple fronts, strategically dispersing medical kits throughout Ranomafana for use by PIVOT staff, assisting local officials in the preparation of community shelters and reservoirs, and supplying the district hospital team extra drinking water, food, and a satellite phone,  and dispatching two emergency assessment teams following the storm to provide relief to those affected.

There has been one death reported in Ifanadiana District with at least 400 people displaced, 2 bridges destroyed, and many houses damaged by mudslides. We continue to monitor the aftermath throughout the rest of the country, where at least 50,000 have been displaced and 38 reported dead.

We stand in solidarity with all patients and communities feeling the impact of the storm.