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“PIVOT’s core mission is based on the belief in the intrinsic worth of all people. An unlikely incubator to this moral agenda is scientific inquiry.”

– Matt Bonds, PIVOT, Co-founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer


Our Realtime PIVOT Data

Total Patients Cared For

Since October 2014, PIVOT has provided care to over 142,000 patients in our health centers and district hospital, also supporting care requiring a referral outside of our district.

Total Patients Transported to Care

Geographic barriers to care are among the most significant barriers to access in our district, with more than 71% of our population living more than 5km walk from a health center. PIVOT launched the district’s first-ever ambulance network in February 2014 and has since brought over 6,000 people to life saving care in our facilities.

Children Under 5 Provided Comprehensive Health Examination

With robust services to manage and treat childhood illness, PIVOT has provided comprehensive health exams and care to over 27,000 children under the age of 5 in our health centers.

Average Cost of Patient Care

PIVOT is providing comprehensible, accessible, and affordable care to thousands of patients in Ifanadiana district. Data above shows the average cost of the care PIVOT covers for patients at each level of care: health center, district hospital, and university hospital (tertiary care).

Outpatient Utilization at PIVOT vs. Non-PIVOT Health Centers (January 2013-December 2016)

In a review of the first year of PIVOT’s impact, the above graph demonstrates the utilization of health centers supported by PIVOT in comparison to those in our district PIVOT has not yet reached. We have roughly tripled the utilization our supported health centers.

Referral Map

This map represents the total number of referrals from the health centers to the district hospital.

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