Announcements October 21, 2016

Trainings Empower Leaders Among PIVOT Staff

PIVOT’s close partnership with the Madagascar Ministry of Health (MoH) is founded on the importance of strengthening the public health system in a way that is sustainable in the long-term. As such, it is one of our top organizational priorities to train and mentor our staff so that they can develop skills – both clinical and otherwise – that enable them to independently and confidently deliver quality healthcare to the population of Ifanadiana District.

leadership-trainingOne of these recent trainings was led by Caitlyn Bradburn, Senior Leadership Training Manager at PIVOT’s mission partner Partners In Health (PIH). In the beginning of September, Caitlyn spent 9 days in Ranomafana training 8 managers and 12 supervisors on a breadth of topics related to being an effective leader. Participants had the chance to learn, through a series of dynamic and interactive sessions, about leading teams through conflict, giving feedback, project planning and management, and developing personal and team-based plans and goals. Following the training, participants worked together to plan how to best use the tools that Caitlyn introduced to shape their teams’ collaboration and planning strategies over the next several months.

ultrasoundLater in the month, another training marked the introduction of an exciting new capability that the clinicians at our District Hospital will bring to the bedsides of their patients: diagnostic ultrasound. Drs. Heather Brown and Chris Kohls of University of South Carolina’s Palmetto Health Emergency Medicine Residency program, donated more than two weeks of their time to train 25 PIVOT doctors, nurses and midwives in Ifanadiana. The use of point-of-care ultrasound is finding increasing application in resource-limited settings due to the facts that it doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort to the patient, and has been shown to be at least as accurate as – if not more accurate than – traditional X-rays, but without exposure to potentially harmful radiation. Drs. Brown and Kohls started each of the 13 days of training with a lecture on ultrasound use in concept and in application, followed by full days of hands-on practice for trainees with model patients, and live demonstrations of use on actual patients. As a result of this training, PIVOT expects to be able to utilize bedside diagnostic ultrasound to guide its diagnosis and treatment of patients with a multitude of conditions.

From the principles and practical application of leadership, to the hard skills required for the implementation of ultrasound use, PIVOT considers it invaluable to be able to offer this variety of professional development opportunities to our staff. In the long-term process of stabilizing Madagascar’s public health system, there is no substitute for strengthening the skills of the people at its core. Many thanks to our partners Caitlyn Bradburn, Dr. Heather Brown, and Drs. Chris Kohls for their generous contribution to furthering PIVOT’s mission.