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Disease and mortality remain high in developing countries, in part, because of barriers between health care delivery and good science.  On behalf of the communities we serve, PIVOT aims to advance a new science of health system transformation that results in sustained health improvements with solutions that scale.

Our research is guided by six principles:

  • improves health services
  • produces evidence for policy and scale-up
  • integrates with and leverages existing systems
  • builds capacity
  • strengthens long-term partnerships
  • promotes curiosity, discovery, and innovation

We are dedicated to serving each individual patient, strengthening lasting public health systems, and building a pioneering scientific platform at the geographic unit of a government district. We identify how to implement and improve existing national policies. We evaluate progress based on improvements in individual and population health, and monitor the process of strengthening the health system through ongoing implementation research.

PIVOT’s integrated health system intervention has demonstrated among the most rigorously evaluated population health impacts in the world, with declines in under-five and maternal mortality of 10% annually.


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