Announcements March 08, 2016

Joint Review: Collaboration in Action

One of PIVOT’s core principles is to work alongside the Ministry of Health, strengthening pre-existing structures wherever possible instead of building new ones, striving to show the Ministry how a model district health system might function. We believe this is the path to sustainability and expansion. To that end, PIVOT initiated and financed an annual joint review with the Ministry of Health (MoH).

We recently held this year’s joint review over two days.  It was very well attended with over 50 representatives from PIVOT, local/regional/national MoH representatives, and NGO Partners.  

Topics included: 2015 activity review and 2016 priorities/plans; project financing; coordination at the district/regional/central level between PIVOT and MoH and PIVOT and other partners; and human resources, including joint hires and joint supervision.  Participants included: National MoH Director of Human Resources, MoH Partnerships Director, MoH Head of Regional and District Hospitals ; Regional Director of Health and Regional NGO heads; District NGO and MoH heads; and many other partners.  We generated specific recommendations throughout the meeting, and are planning district and regional coordination meetings each quarter.  The review also included site visits to the Ranomafana and Kelilalina CSBs and the CHRD.

DSC01978    DSC01973