Announcements February 15, 2017

Malnutrition Efforts Ramp Up at District Hospital

Over 50% of children in Madagascar suffer from chronic malnutrition. In Ifanadiana District, 48% of children under 5 are
underweight, and 10.2% of children under 5 have severe or moderate acute malnutrition. With the February 14 launch of the CRENI program (inpatient care for medically complicated malnutrition cases) at the District Hospital, PIVOT adds a critical component to the Ministry of Health’s malnutrition program in Ifanadiana District and directly address these issues.

The day celebrated not only the opening of the new pediatric-wing that PIVOT designed and constructed specifically for the malnutrition program, but also served as a formal welcome to the four new nutritionists hired expressly for the malnutrition program. The additions of personnel and infrastructure effectively eliminate the need to transport patients diagnosed with complicated acute cases outside of the district, which previously required a 65km transfer to the University Hospital in Fianarantsoa.

Malnutrition is part of the vicious cycle of poverty and disease in Ifanadiana District. Childhood illnesses are often worsened by the compromised immune system of a starving child. With this recent program launch at Ifanadiana’s District Hospital, PIVOT and the Ministry are now working at all levels within the district to combat this deadly condition and ensure quality care on an ongoing basis.