Announcements November 04, 2016

Ministry of Health Recognizes PIVOT Co-founders Jim and Robin Herrnstein

During a recent dinner held in Madagascar with senior government officials and PIVOT leaders, the country’s Minister of Health presented a certificate of appreciation in honor of PIVOT co-founders Jim and Robin Herrnstein for their outstanding contributions to the public health system. Robin Herrnstein was there to accept the accolade. Also in attendance at this milestone event were the Ministry’s Secretary General, Director General, Director of Partnerships and several other senior ministry officials along with Ali Ouenzar, PIVOT national director, Matt Bonds, PIVOT co-founder and co-CEO, and board members Patricia Wright and Benjamin Andriamihaja. This was the first event of this kind between Madagascar’s current Minister of Health and a nongovernmental partner.

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screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-3-14-28-pm pivot-dinner-colbert