Field Note March 01, 2014

As I walk down the main street of Ranamofana


As I walk down the main street of Ranamofana with my two-year old Zeke in my arms passing other mothers with their children, I have the lovely feeling that PIVOT is about to make a difference in the quality of healthcare these mothers will be able to access for their families.  We are going to transform their health centers into dignified, well-staffed, well-stocked facilities where they can access quality care for free.  While they don’t know that yet, I imagine they feel something is happening- the presence of PIVOT’s two new ambulances and the foreign doctors arriving in Ranamofana certainly haven’t gone unnoticed.  Tomorrow (Saturday, January 18th) is our official launch when we will share our plans and celebrate the start of something really special here.  From my two years as Project Manager with Partners in Health in Malawi I know what is possible for rural health centers like these and it feels really exciting to know PIVOT is about to bring transformative change to this beautiful and strikingly impoverished place.  We have a great team of people from all over the world here to help (Rwanda, France, UK, USA, Argentina, and Madagascar) and from the planning week we just spent together, I’d say they are ready to move mountains.  With my little Zeke sick this week, I’ve been awake at night acutely aware of what it feels like to be a mother weighing your options in a place like this.  The kind of options I assume as a basic right for my child (access to medicine, the presence of a caring and knowledgable doctor, an ambulance network to take him out of Ranamofana if that is what is needed) these mothers may never have imagined.  I smile to myself feeling that PIVOT’s presence here will mean the will see those options for their children as a basic right too.