Announcements October 20, 2015

PIVOT and Mercy Ships Collaborate

PIVOT’s Referral and Social Support teams recently coordinated an effort that enabled 68 of our patients from the Ifanadiana district to receive surgical care from Mercy Ships when their brigade docked in Tamatave in September. Mercy Ships is an international organization that travels to the port cities of the world’s most impoverished regions, providing access to free state-of-the-art surgical personnel and facilities to populations that would otherwise not have access to such services. Some of the conditions treated included maxillofacial abnormalities, goiters caused by thyroid disease, knee deformities, as well as various fractures, burns, and masses. Tamatave is a two day trip from Ifanadiana. Our team identified and referred patients from our health centers and district hospital, organized transport to and from Tamatave for patients and families, and coordinated medical follow-up once back in Ifanadiana. Our collaboration with Mercy Ships is a good example of how we are working in solidarity with communities and with partners who share our goals.

To learn more about Mercy Ships, click here.