Announcements October 24, 2016

PIVOT Commended for Malnutrition Program Results

During the last week of September, the National Director, National Nutritionist and Regional Nutrition Director of the nationwide malnutrition program CRENAS (Centre de Récupération et d’Education Nutritionelle Ambulatoire Sévère) conducted a 3-day supervision of PIVOT and Ministry of Health (MoH) staff at district health centers.


The National Director of CRENAS, Dr. Blandine, commended PIVOT for all that had been accomplished to diagnose and treat severe acute malnutrition in Ifanadiana District since its launch in late 2015. Specifically, she remarked on the high level of effectiveness apparent in the collaboration between community health workers (CHWs) and health center staff. Dr. Blandine also found PIVOT’s monitoring and evaluation (M&E) team’s monthly reviews of the CRENAS program to be a unique and effective approach to tracking the program’s results.

These and other aspects of PIVOT’s implementation of CRENAS come as a result of rigorously assessing the data that has been collected by our M&E team consistently since the program’s launch. Using that data, health center staff have been able to successfully overcome programmatic challenges, such as the number of children lost to follow-up, by working closely with CHWs and CHW supervisors in each commune to improve the program’s shortcomings. Outcomes of those collaborations have included implementing regular home visits as part of the procedural follow-up conducted by health center teams, as well as proactively searching for new cases of children with malnutrition, and also for children who were once enrolled but have since been absent from the program. As a result of these efforts, the program has seen an increase in the rate at which children are cured and discharged from the program.

After three days of observation and evaluation, Dr. Blandine extended an invitation for PIVOT to present at a national MoH and NGO nutritional meeting. In November, staff will join the meeting to present on PIVOT’s approach to program implementation as well as the program’s impact to date.