Announcements October 27, 2018

PIVOT Joins the World in Renewed Commitment to the Right to Primary Care

In 1978, world leaders came together in Almaty, Kazakhstan and, for the first time ever, declared a commitment to the right to Health for All. The resulting Alma Ata Declaration has served as a cornerstone of rights-based public health, underlining the global importance of primary care supported by all actors

This past week, forty years later, the world reconvened in Kazakhstan at the World Health Organization’s Global Conference on Primary Care to reaffirm this commitment with the Declaration of Astana. Acknowledging the incredible progress that has been made towards eliminating unnecessary suffering and death, the global community has doubled down on this vision in the pursuit of Health for All.  

PIVOT was honored to be present for this historic moment. Our National Director, Dr. Mohammed Ali Ouenzar, accompanied Madagascar’s Minister of Health, Pr. Yoël Rantomalala to represent PIVOT. PIVOT Executive Director, Tara Loyd, and the Director of Universal Health Coverage, Dr. Diana Ratsiambakaina, also journeyed to Astana as members of the Ministry’s delegation. Ahead of the official agenda, PIVOT joined mission partners for a pre-conference on health systems and delivery strategies for achieving Universal Health Coverage. Presenting alongside the Minister, we outlined our collective vision for extending quality care to the communities we serve and to the country of Madagascar as a whole.

In a world where 5 million children still die annually from preventable illness, we are working alongside our Ministry partners to build health systems that can reach everyone. The challenge in Madagascar is not small – the island nation of 25.5 million people has some of the poorest health outcomes in the world. In the last four years, however, we have seen that it is possible to change this. In Ifanadiana District, we demonstrated our ability to cut under-five mortality by 20% in just two years – one of the fasted recorded results in the world.

We are grateful to the Ministry of Health and the global community for the opportunity to present our shared vision, and to join the world in a renewed commitment to Universal Health Coverage and Health for All.