Announcements October 20, 2015

PIVOT Launches Innovative Data Tool

One of PIVOT’s core values is a commitment to knowledge and learning: to better understand our communities, partners, and to improve the effectiveness of our programs.  This September, the introduction of a data visualization platform called ClicData marked a significant development in PIVOT’s learning and information-sharing capabilities. While previously our domestic team could only receive data-collection reports from site on a monthly basis, ClicData allows teams in both Madagascar and the U.S. to view updates to on-site data as soon as it is gathered. ClicData’s live dashboards provide a level of real-time access that will enable our research team and monitoring and evaluation staff to ask important questions about program design and delivery of care as it occurs, allowing us to constantly fine-tune our approach in order to best serve the population in our catchment area.

As a complex data analysis tool, we can also utilize ClicData to integrate PIVOT data with Ministry of Health (MoH) data. Some of the types of data PIVOT is currently collecting include number of outpatient consultations (before and after PIVOT), birth data, hospital referrals by type and origin (see charts below) as well as mortality/outcome statistics, patient prescription reimbursement, and coverage of non-medical expenses related to care. Going forward, our continued collaboration with the MoH will allow us to collect and share more kinds of data, such as that displayed below:

clicdata1 clicdata2 clicdata6