Announcements June 10, 2016

PIVOT Recognized by Ministry of Health

PIVOT’s approach to health system strengthening involves working with the Ministry of Health (MoH) at all levels of health care.

For some time, MoH officials had been working to produce a document – called the “Projet d’Etablissement Hospitalier” – meant to serve as a framework for hospitals across Madagascar for their use as a guide for hospital development. It would define what services the hospital should provide, how it should be structured and organized, its equipment and infrastructure needs, as well as its diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities. The document is also meant to serve as a strategic plan detailing how each of these various entities would evolve over time, taking into consideration demand and disease burden.

However, the MoH was lacking the resources to finalize, print, and distribute the plan to hospitals. PIVOT was able to provide the necessary support to assist the MoH and complete these last few steps. In recognition of the collaboration between PIVOT and the MoH, PIVOT’s Country Director, Dr. Djordje Gikic, presented the first copy of the hospital guide to the Minister of Health. PIVOT will now utilize the MoH framework document to work with the District Hospital in Ifanadiana to develop their hospital-specific plan.

PIVOT Country Director presents Madagascar Minister of
Health with first copy of Projet d’Etablissement Hospitalier