Announcements January 04, 2018

PLOS publishes plague article by Bonds and team

In the latest issue of PLOS Neglected Tropical Disease, PIVOT co-CEO Matt Bonds leads an article about Madagascar’s most recent plague outbreak, which claimed over 200 lives in late 2017.

Bonds and team argue that an integrated health system strengthening approach, when implemented in close partnership with local government, is the answer to preventing global epidemics in the future. The article outlines three basic components to a strengthened health system: 1) horizontal “readiness” which ensures adequate infrastructure, staffing, and supplies at all levels of the health system (primary, secondary and tertiary facilities); 2) vertically integrated clinical programs that ensure disease-specific protocols and processes are administered; and 3) data (or information systems). 

Paul Farmer, senior author of the paper, notes, “in the district of Ifanadiana, where PIVOT has been strengthening the health system, 29 out 30 plague patients survived. This proves that when government, nongovernmental, and academic partners fully cooperate in accordance with the Ministry of Health agenda and make long-term commitments to its implementation, scourges like plague can be overcome.” 

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