Announcements August 18, 2015

The PIVOT Family

Jim and Robin Herrnstein are co-founders of PIVOT, and their children have been involved in the effort from the beginning. Family members of board and staff members are involved in the organization’s activities and events.

Children of PIVOT’s board members joined in the recent trip to Madagascar, and they were not simply tagging along for the fun of it.

Michael Herrnstein and Zoie Hower collected over 350 coats to distribute to village school children. It can get cold at night in PIVOT’s catchment area and scarce wood and charcoal is reserved for cooking. Warm coats help prevent against colds that can easily develop into serious illnesses.

Emily Della Pietra and her classmate, Anum Khan, initiated Project Rano Madagascar at their school to raise awareness and money from classmates, friends, and family to help advance PIVOT’s mission.