Field Note March 13, 2014

The untold stories around Ranomafana


This is the story of a 10 month old female infant whose the grand mother came to seek help from PIVOT when we were doing a health center needs assessment last February 2014 in Ifanadiana District, Southeastern Madagascar. She was 50cm of length and was weighing 2.8kg. This unprecedentedly shocked me! Her grand mother is extremely poor and her mother died from postpartum hemorrhage right after delivery at her home. Many stupid maternal deaths like this and unacceptable cases of severe malnutrition like this go unseen and untold in remote areas like Ranomafana where PIVOT works. That’s why we’re here: to tell those kinds of stories, to be the voice of the voiceless, to work in partnership with the Ministry of Health in order to change the trajectory of the health care system where everybody-especially those most forgotten at the margins of the society, the poorest in the last mile villages- can have access to the highest quality care and become an active member of the society. That’s why we have worked with the existing health facilities to refer that infant to an Intensive Nutritional Rehabilitation Center located 70km from the health center for appropriate care; that’s why we are working with the family for a long term plan to address underlying causes of malnutrition and avoid relapses; that’s why we’re working with the MoH to develop health care system that addresses barriers to safe motherhood and safe childhood. I feel proud of working with PIVOT and of the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the global health and social justice movement.