Announcements July 01, 2016

Training and Donation Save a Life

This past May, Dr. S.V. Mahadevan, an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of Stanford Emergency Medicine International, made a donation to PIVOT that would soon save a life.

“Dr. Maha” – as he is now known among PIVOT staff – visited Ranomafana to train teams at PIVOT health centers (CSBs) and 28933057765_785797e81a_othe district hospital (CHRD) on best practices in emergency healthcare delivery. In what would turn out to be a key part of Dr. Maha’s training sessions, the clinical team was oriented on how to use intraosseous (IO) catheters. Before departing, Dr. Maha generously donated a state-of-the-art EZ-IO insertion device, along with two adult and two pediatric needles.

One month after Dr. Maha’s visit, a 2-month-old infant arrived unconscious and severely dehydrated at the door of the CHRD’s Emergency Room. An evaluation by the medical team established that the patient was most likely suffering from meningitis and in urgent need of antibiotics. Several unsuccessful attempts to insert an IV led the team to utilize the EZ-IO kit that Dr. Maha had recently donated. PIVOT’s lead hospital physician Dr. Tahiry placed the IO needle, and the infant instantly began receiving antibiotics and fluids.

ezio2After 10 days in the hospital with a steady stream of antibiotics and breast milk, the baby awoke and was discharged, content and healthy.

This life-saving piece of equipment is essential, but just one pediatric needle – the same kind that saved this child’s life – sells for nearly $200. PIVOT frequently sees patients in situations as dire as that of the baby in this story, but without the proper equipment available for treatment, it is sometimes impossible to help them conquer an illness.

Ifanadiana District hospital would ideally have access to use 6 of these needles per month. Our goal is to raise enough funds to stock the CHRD with EZ-IO needles for the next 6 months. Please consider making an “EZ” donation that could save a life today!

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