Announcements October 20, 2015

Transforming the District Hospital

PIVOT’s comprehensive “whatever it takes” approach to strengthening the health system in the Ifanadiana District of Madagascar relies upon several key elements. One of those is expanding upon the District Hospital’s existing services to improve the range and quality of care.  The goal is to make the hospital a model of excellence for the country. 

PIVOT is moving forward on a number of fronts, beginning with the recruitment of key staff.  Dr. Tahiry, one of PIVOT’s senior Malagasy doctors, is leading our efforts to strengthen the hospital.  (View an interview with Dr. Tahiry here.) PIVOT and the Ministry of Health (MoH) are jointly recruiting doctors, nurses, and midwives to work at the hospital.  These joint recruits are working as MoH staff under the direction of the hospital chief, reinforcing the hospital’s limited staff, and filling in gaps in the work schedule, especially in the emergency area.  They also are benefiting from joint training in a variety of protocols including malnutrition screening.

The facilities at the district hospital are in need of significant improvement. To address this challenge, PIVOT is working on developing a comprehensive long-term hospital design plan including renovations to existing buildings, new construction, and future projects. While the planning stage of this project proceeds, urgent renovations are already underway.  

The transformational work being done at the District Hospital is strengthening a crucial link in the healthcare system for the 192,900 people who live in the district.