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Research Support


PIVOT awards grants to research projects that align with our core mission as outlined in our Research Manifesto. For Investigator-initiated projects, we anticipate making grants in the range of $10,000-$50,000 USD for short term, 1-2 year projects. From time to time, PIVOT will also release a Request for Proposals on a particular topic or research question; greater funds are anticipated to be available for these grants but will depend on the particular RFP.

Investigator-initiated grants are intended mostly as seed funding to encourage high quality research in rural Madagascar and to develop sustainable collaborations with academic institutions interested in global health. We are committed to capacity building in Madagascar and therefore projects that seek appropriate collaborations with Malagasy institutions, students and researches are preferred. As a social justice organization, we are looking for projects that can have a direct or indirect impact on the populations we serve, either by improving our understanding on socio-economic and ecological drivers of disease or by informing on impact of interventions through operational or population research. Please check our Grant Evaluation Form for a clear understanding of our projects evaluation criteria.

Application process for
investigator-initiated grants

Prior to submission of a full research proposal, applicants must submit a Concept Note briefly outlining the goal of the project as well as the PIVOT resources requested.  If the concept note is approved, then the applicant will be invited to submit a full application.  Please follow the links below for relevant forms and guidelines:

Concept Notes:

PIVOT Guidelines for Preparing a Concept Note
Updated as of April 2016.

Full Research Proposals:
Full Research proposals should only be submitted after approval of a concept note.

PIVOT Guidelines for Preparing a Full Research Proposal
Updated as of May 2016.

PIVOT Research Form
Updated as of April 2016.

Global Health Research Core Support Request
This form is optional and should only be completed if you are interested in also obtaining support from the Global Health Research Core.

Application process for
requests for proposals (rfp)

The process for RFPs is the same as the above with the exception that no concept note will be required.  At this time, there are no active RFPs.

Review Process

Concept notes will be reviewed on a revolving basis.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for the review and approval of your concept note. Full research proposals will be reviewed on a quarterly basis by the PIVOT Research Committee.  When applicable, research proposals will be sent out of committee for peer review.  Review deadlines are listed to the right.

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