Announcements April 07, 2018

World Health Day Celebration Honors Community Health Workers

On April 7th, communities across the globe marked World Health Day by celebrating and advocating for health as a basic human right. This year’s theme for the day was #HealthForAll. According to the World Health Organization, more than half of the world’s population lacks access to essential health services, and 100 million people worldwide are annually pushed into extreme poverty due to financial burden brought on by health expenditures.

In Ifanadiana District, PIVOT joined in the #HealthForAll celebration by honoring Community Health Workers (CHWs), who work on the front lines of health care delivery in communities across the rural communes we serve. In partnership with the Ministry of Health, we train, equip, and supervise 120 CHWs to diagnose and treat common illnesses among their communities, and refer patients in need of higher levels of care to health centers and the district hospital. CHWs supervised by PIVOT provide services to their communities at no cost to those seeking care.

With over 70% of the population of Madagascar already living in extreme poverty, PIVOT views universal health coverage as an essential step toward breaking the cycles of poverty and disease that contribute to unnecessary suffering. To advance the agenda for health as a human right in Ifanadiana District, PIVOT proudly provides access to quality health care at no cost to the patient.

The World Health Day festivities included celebratory performances of song and dance, as well as speeches and awards to honor the work of the men and women who work tirelessly to provide care in their communities.

To learn more about PIVOT’s findings in the implementation of universal health coverage, see our study, published in Health Affairs in August 2017.

Community Health Workers from rural communities around Ifanadiana District gather in celebration of World Health Day.